Contest rules

You can register as the single person with costume from films, series, games, books or anime.

You have to be at least 15 years old (until 18 years of age you have to provide the written consent of your legal representative).

You can register only via online form, before the contest, until 8th April 2022.

It is necessary to provide a link to download the edited audio and video tracks to the competitors. E.g. links to Youtube files WE DO NOT ACCEPT. If the edited audio and video track is not delivered by 8th April 2022, the generic track selected by us will be used for performance.

In case your form is not filled properly, you may not be admitted as contestant.

Latest 17th April 2022 organizers will inform every registered contestant about the status of his/her application and if they were selected to compete on stage. All registered costumes will be prejudged before they will be allowed to compete at Comic-Con Prague. There is only limited number of contestants allowed.

Contestants whose costume was awarded/did place in some other cosplay contest may not be allowed to compete.

In case some unexpected circumstances appear which will prevent the contestant to take part in the contest, he/she has to report them as soon as possible preferably in written form to email, 24 hours before the contest the latest.

The contest consists of two parts/rounds:

Prejudging – 10-15 minutes presentation of costume and how it is made. The exact time of prejudging will be announced to the contestants latest 21st April 2022 via email.

On stage performance – performance/presentation/roleplay presented on stage to judges and audience.

Contestants have maximally 2 minutes for their performance.

Contestant can have one assistant/sidekick during performance. He cannot be on stage.

There will be 3 judges judging the contestants. The judges are selected by organizers.

Three aspects of costume will be judged: accuracy of the costume in relation to the source character, the quality of the costume, craftsmanship and used techniques, and performance/presentation/roleplay on stage. In the overall score these three aspects will be taken in the account in the following percentage: 40% accuracy, 40% craftsmanship, 20% performance.

Based on judges’ decision there will be three awards given for the best costume, second best costume and third best costume. In group category only one best group will be selected. Based on audience votes the audience award will be given to the contestant with highest number of votes.

Costume and the performance cannot contain dangerous and messy stuff like guns, swords, daggers, crossbows, bows and confetti, glitter, fake blood, coloured liquids, open fire, excessive smoke etc.

Contestand will not get a microphone for his performance. All voice and sound has to be part of sound file submitted.

Organizers will not provide any props like tables, stools, chairs etc. Every prop has to be constestant’s and their installation and deinstallation can’t také more than 30 seconds on stage.

Contestant has to be able to move in narrow spaces, climb the stairs and slopes in the costume. Its not possible to dress up parts of costume on stage (except its part of the performance).

There will be technical rehearsal planned, but there will be only one date and time. If the contestant can’t make it, s/he will have to perform without it.

For breaking the rules, inappropriate behavior, or disturbance and harassment the contestant can be expelled from the contest and matter can be handed over to convention organizers.