History of PragoCosplay

6th year – 2021

the second year at Comic-Con Prague

Arisu Cosplay
Han Jones Cosplay
Mistvein Cosplay

1st place: Rocket Raccoon
2nd place: Jaskier
3rd place: Nova Terra

Audience Award: Rocket Raccoon

The best group: Steampunk The Invention for Destruction (Mara & Pedro)

Jury Choice (Arisu Cosplay): Astrid Hofferson (Ametrys )
Jury Choice (Han Jones Cosplay): bard Trubadix (Rausek)
Jury Choice (Mistvein Cosplay): Triss Ranuncul (Nashara Ran )

5th year – 2020

the first year at Comic-Con Prague

Ali Cosplay & Props
Don Esteban
Shappi Workshop

1st place: Alleria Windrunner (Ghai Cosplay)
2nd place: Cerys an Craite (Wersaill)
3rd place: Female Psycho aka Nympho Minnie (Mary & Feinobi cosplay)

Audience Award: Alleria Windrunner (Ghai Cosplay)

Jury Choice (Ali Cosplay & Props): Geralt z Rivie (Gruse)
Jury Choice (Don Esteban): Kratos (Jace Cosplay)
Jury Choice (Shappi Workshop): Kocour (The Time Traveling Sewing Case)

4th year – 2019

1st place: Nyx Ulric (Kuromaru Cosplay)
2nd place: Loki ( Mischievous Jane)
3rd place: Paladin Tier 2 Judgement Armor (Ghai Cosplay)
The best group: Madame et Monsieur Thénardier (PrueCZ cosplay a Malexan Cosplay)
Audience Award: Paladin Tier 2 Judgement Armor (Ghai Cosplay)

3rd year - 2017

1st place: Dís (Tess)
2nd place: Jim Moriarty (Mischievous Jane)
3rd place: Padmé (Silvara)

2nd year – 2016

1st place: Angel (Mary Odinson)
2nd place: Loki (Jane)
3rd place: Thorin Oakenshield (Pat.)

1st year – 2015

1st place: Shiroe z Log Horizon (Gawain)
2nd place: Clone Trooper ze Star Wars: Clone Wars (Mira)
3rd place: Blue Medic z Team Fortress 2 (Cwelf)